Anyone in San Fran driving to the CO event

I have a battery currently in San fran and me and I’m in sd. It’s a 10s12p and it’s illegal in every way to ship. My boy @Bobby is going to drive to Colorado and im hoping someone can bring it to Colorado from san fran. Anyone? @Hummie @topcloud @Winfly?


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Oh lol, got the wrong person

Wow that makes me sad

I did think you where in SF though

Bruh I’ve never left New York all my life, but I did go to DC once


It’s legal to ship via USPS ground.

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Really? Not a fan of usps

That’s unfortunate because you can’t get cheap rate anywhere else.

FedEx is pretty decent, I’ll check with usps though

Sorry not going.

Didn’t you go to Boston?

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Oh yeah that too

What about gls they can ship batteries

This thing is ready to fly, anybody want to take it @KaramQ’s way?


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