Anyone in the EU with a laser cutter?

Is there anyone in the EU who has a laser cutter and is willing to cut some grip tape for me?

Happy to pay in cash or parts for your time and effort :slight_smile:

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@mmaner could cut it and send a roll of grip tape or even take it on holiday with him???

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afaik Mike’s laser cutter is out of action at the moment.

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Yep, still waiting. It’s kind if the back burner right now while I decide on new equipment.

@mmaner how many mw or watts are needed to cut griptape?

I have been most successful with 60 tuned down, had some issues with 45 tuned up.

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You can maybe try a local makerspace?

I am looking into that but it’s going to be close to £300 by the time I buy the membership, do the training and hire the machine…

I am wondering if its cheaper in the long run to buy a machine.

I will get some quote from commercial laser cutting places.

ohh… didnt think of that

I just ordered these to make my hand made hexagons a little cleaner, hopefully.

I reached out to local laser cutters and they were either not interested or way too pricey.

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Hey mate, would be happy to support ! I’ll be going to a kitesurfing trip the next weeks so I won’t have access to my laser cutter but after that, I can help you in no time!


Thank you - that is great news!

Enjoy the kitesurfing, sounds like an awesome trip. Where are you headed?

@okp how was the kitesurfing? where did you go?

10 days remaining ! I’m in Djerba (Tunisia) - awesome spot for kitesurfing.

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oh wow, that looks awesome! and there are beach cats!!

I am super jealous right now!