Anyone in the UK that wants to pass along a package?

I’m currently wanting to order two of these: but HobbyKing won’t ship them to Denmark for some reason. I know it is the weight, but it seems that there’s an error in their database because the weight is much higher in the cart than in the description… Would it be possible for anyone to order 2, and then send them to me? It’s quite a price right now…

Just contact HK support.

I did, and they couldn’t do anything. I’m even a platinum member…

Batteries are always tricky. The issue with them is they are hard for the average joe to ship. Maybe wait a few days and see if it fixes itself, as I take it it’s a glitch in the system, and usually when the site is updated for stock, some things just self correct.

Hi! Don’t want to throw a wrench into the works so to speak but those batteries are 15c which, from what I understand is a little low for Esk8. If anyone knows more, feel free to correct me!

15C on 8000mah is more than enough :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction.