Anyone Interested in buying faulty but almost new extended range battery?

I have a faulty ER boosted board battery. It died on me after 4 or 5 cycles and I had a replacement sent to me from boosted. Anyone would like to buy please let me know

Tree phiddy?


Haha I like that

Your profile is missing your country, so I will assume you’re shipping from Antarctica :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


His name is Mikolaj Pietrzyk

Let me finish this… he’s clearly in the UK


Sorry just updated profile

How much are you looking for

£50 plus postage

Got any pics. PM me, might be interested

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How they sent you a new one without that you needed to sent back the old one? :thinking:

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I will take some photos tomorrow. If you are in europe you don’t have to send it back. They ask you to dispose but I havent done it yet as I tought I might keep it as a spare. I am planning to sell my board as well now so will not need it.

Still have it?