Anyone interested in some cheap Surfrodz 200mm RKP motor mounts?

I’ve been diddling around in Fusion and I think I’ve finally hit on a somewhat decently functional design for a motor mount. It’s pretty heavily inspired by the Boosted mount which IMO is absolute design porn. It literally slides on snugly and is held in place with 3 grub screws (and probably some epoxy).

Anyway, they’ll allow you to mount dual 5065 motors (racerstar, probably Ollin too) with 15mm belts - just as a note, you’ll need ~50 degree trucks and 60mm+ axles for this.

They’d probably be less than $50 for the pair and anodised black (unless you have a better colour suggestion :smile:).

The first prototype - around the truck-mount connection the material was far to thin, and the truck holes were orientated 45 degrees off.

The test 3d print, aside from shrinkage and me not being able to orient motor holes correctly :man_facepalming:, came out really really well (sorry about the shitty lighting in my house):

So I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the final result.

The distance from the truck is 60-65mm - 15-32 (ratio I’m running with 140kv racerstars) is a 49 tooth belt.

So with that out of the way, would anyone be interested in picking up a pair? Just makes it cheaper in general for everyone.

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I feel like that design would rattle loose, take a look at how @psychotiller made his new ones, they press on and are held in place with the axle.

If you tighten down those three grub screws I think the mount would rattle loose and slide off because the hanger isn’t straight like on calibers.

Edit: maybe it would work if those grub screws tighten down past the thickest part either side of the hanger.

I don’t think that’d be an issue… The grub screws provide an opposing force to the shake off force. Also, using epoxy to form a semipermanent bond like lock tight would probably be enough on its own :slight_smile: I’m not the biggest fan of how his mounts extend the wheelbase to like 300mm, these only extend it to 220mm.

Thanks for the input, I’ll fiddle around a bit more and see if I could maybe wedge the mount to lock it on :slight_smile:

240mm…and grub screws don’t hold anything tight for very long.


Touché. Isn’t it 260mm? 200+(80-50)*2. I was pretty off with 300mm so I apologise for that :slightly_smiling_face:

@torqueboards seems to have had success with grubs as that’s how his latest clamps are held on. How could I improve my design then? I tried the whole clamp thing but it doesn’t really work.

I’ve used tb mounts, they come loose all the time regardless of how much loctite u apply.

Boardnamics revised his design because it was coming loose.

relying on just set / grub screws wont work.

try making the hangar clamp a two piece with bolts on each end.


Shit haha

I had an older version with clamps but when I printed it it the walls were a bit thin. I’ll try bumping up the diameter a bit and adding mount holes… brb


@thisguyhere and @Colson003 thanks so much for the input! It now clamps onto the truck and locks around bend in its profile. Do you think this’ll be enough to hold it on?


Looks good, just needs to be tested now

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Any progress on these? I’d like to see how they turned out.

Yeah we wanna see some updates!

Can these move left and right on the hanger, or are the designed to sit at a fixed distance? If so whats the distance between to motor plates?

I have also found grub screw mounts very hard to keep tight. Only epoxy worked.

The manufacturer I was going to go through (I’m using them for my hub motors) said the part was bigger than they’d normally produce… pity But hey, if you want the cad files pm me and I’ll email them to you

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