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Anyone know anything about these 18650s? Super cheap


Like 1 dollar each?! Li-Mn, 2500 mAh, 35 A. Looks way too good to be true…

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Those are most likely fake. They are just re-wrapped. You won’t get 35A from those.

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Are these worth it then?

Can pretty much guarantee fakes.

You could buy them and test them. They will be shit capacity with shit C rating.

Agreed most likely bad batteries. But fakes? And if so fakes of what? They seem to be Efests.

People have done some tests on these. They don’t look too far off the Samsung 25Rs. Close enough to be worth it for me, if these are the same Efests.

Efest Samsung

Seems they may work well in a 12s4p and maybe in a 12s3p or 10s4p. Probably nothing less than that. I think it’s worth a try for science.

@OskarCastrone I am using used laptop batteries in my build. If you have any questions throw them my way.

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These cells do not have vents and will blow up or cause fires if something goes wrong or if they go into thermal runaway. Don’t mess around with them. If you are looking for a cheap way to make a pack either buy directly from a distributor in HK or use old laptop batteries and harvest the cells.


when you harvest the used cells , is it gauranteed that it’ll work ?

It depends on if they came from a pack that still works. The upside is you can get used laptop packs for free if you get the word out to recyclers and electronic salvage.

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Have some of you got some experience with buying battery cells from China / Hong Kong? Can you recommend any good suppliers?

@mostwanted Usually in a pack that contains 6 cells, only one pair of cells will be bad, which is why it doesnt work properly with the laptop, and has been thrown out.

About 75% of the cells that i get out of used laptop batteries are over 2Ah and run perfectly fine.