Anyone know how to change the esc and remote for a Propel Endeavor 2s?

I bought this board and really enjoy the build, but the ESC is horrible. When I go to stop the board it stutters as it tries to stop, making it dangerous. The company doesn’t want to do anything about it. They say this is normal. I would give this company a 0 for customer service. I would really like to upgrade the ESC and remote. Unfortunately, I am not very good at knowing where to start. Does anybody have some suggestions? I really like the VESC 6 a lot. Thank you

It depends on maximum charger output voltage, how much space you have, your budget, and what you want to acheive

Here are the specs. I was thinking around $500

Not sure about space

The voltage is 50.4V / 12S.

You’d still need the rest of those answers if you wanted to do this.

Thanks, I will do some research about space.

Look up or ted Christensen on Facebook.

We just finished a 12s12p propel.

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