Anyone know of some nice, thin, long cake trays that we could use to make enclosures?

Kinda a random idea but my googling has found nothing of the sort

Check IKEA

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Walmart, Albertsons, Vons, Ralphs, Home Goods,

We still talkin esk8 cause I’m abt to go bake me some blueberry muffins


I think he meant cake pans to use as a mold to make enclosures.

I gotta get outa here, suppose to get up for work in 4 hours!!! I have not been foruming responsibly


Cake trays usually don’t have the right dimensions. Look for plant trays - there are some out there with proper dimensions. Thickness should be fine for vesc and 18650 pack

Just buy a sheet of .025" aluminum and bend it on the edge of a table or 2x4.

these are for my new swappable packs with CopperFinish (not copper). perfect size! 3d printed end caps! :nerd:

or i’ll make some custom for you. I want an excuse to build a cheap metal break/bender for cleaner lines! :wink:

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I got this one but have not assembled anything into it. Makes a decent impression.

Have a crumb of decency, this idea takes the biscuit…


Although this thread is old, @saul are you still willing to make 3d end caps? I m a new DIY esk8 builder just learning the ropes. Any new info regarding your design? (ie any issues or still solid).

How to attach to board? I figure if you screw into wood then are constantly opening/closing enclosure the holes (which you have to do to charge batteries) are going wear out soon. Advice appreciated. Thx.

You don’t need to open up to charge, use a bms and a charge port. There’s loads of info on the forum regarding that.

Generally people either bolt through the deck and countersink on top or use inserts and drill to right under the grip to bolt in to.

Do some reading, all the info you are after will be here in abundance

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Thx for info Brent! Will do.

Frigerator trays work also