Anyone know the Evolve Esc E-rpm?

Hi all, 2nd post. Trying to figure out, technically, why a 200kv racerstar motor runs higher rpm.

Because the kv and or total wattage is different between the motors used. Measure the motors with a kv meter and typically max wattage can be found by smoking the motors lol, documented maximum wattage is typically a guess, not a real world measurement. Hook up a watt meter between the batteries and esc to read the different draws for a indication of the differences…

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Usually ESC doesn’t drive motor for RPM as number. Its just a value it knows but usually either its current/wattage or etc. If I remember correctly Evovle uses 180kv motors so it means your motor is spinning 740 RPM faster

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Evole uses Racerstar 5065 150kv self-balancing-scooter motors with a custom paintjob

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Ok then its 1850 RPM difference

P.S. Thanks for the tip I right now need one for my evolve. The support said its around 100 eur…

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There is one on banggood for $45 USD

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I was thinking of swapping both for APS 50 150kv

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Those are probably slightly, slightly better spec’d for the Evole GT boards but they cost over double what the 140kv motors cost.

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Standard motors are supposedly 150kv 5200rpm. 1500W It’s just when you lift the board off the ground. The 150kv motors will max out at approximately 5200rpm no load. The 200kv will max out at 7200rpm no load. I’m trying to get my head around how the esc is being made to do that???

Go read how ESC works :smiley:

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I’m trying to, but there’s a lot of info out there. Any tips or links on where to start? Cheers

If I’m reading you correctly. The evolve esc e-rpm is not fixed. It is monitoring what’s it’s connected to (wattage) and adjust current and rpm to suit.

I have some coming. Plug and play exact motor. For less than half of what evolve will sell you one.

Best place to learn about esc is Benjamin Vedder site has a lot of info and links for the more tech/software info. That’s where I got most of my info to start. Especially programming vesc

kv is to low. You would have to replace both. And then it’s not insink with the controls. The evolve motor is a race star motor. Just at 150 kv and they don’t offer to the public. Only the 140 and 200kv both are under or over.

Nah, they work just fine with dual 150kv, dual 140kv, or 140kv + 150kv

I’ve personally tried all of those

Did you every try out the aps motors? Any modifications required?

Jus buy the same motor the 150 kV from board bumpers they sell the same ones as evolve dose now good site too