Anyone know these hubs?


Looks like the Maytech hub motors and truck


yes they are the Maytech :wink: there is also a link in the product description

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The Maytechs are really powerful 800w 90kv (i think they use to be 60kv but changed to 90 or 100 recently) , however , we had a few issues with ours . 1 issue is the screws that hold the front plate on coming loose, need to put some locktite on them, and another is just a general soft creeky ride. this is due to the fact that they don’t have a solid core on the PU like some of the others.

Chinese like almost everything else in the Esk8 universe. You’ll see them mounted on a myriad of boards across the hobby. Generic as generic could be.

@detroitwheelin unfortunately that is true of most things on the market atm. Assembly is for shit. @pixelsilva what prebuilt uses maytech hubs?

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@dareno, I cannot recall right now. But you see these type of hubs very often. They are everywhere. You can see them on countless brands coming out of China daily. They pretty generic.

Those maytech hubs are very powerful units for hubs(the 90kv ones) and the only pre built I’ve seen with anything that powerful is the landwheel. May have to do a bit more research. Sometimes its the cheaper option to re purpose something mass produced and cheap than to start from scratch especially with maytech stuff which can be pricey

Is like those Alien Power System motors…

Alien 6374S 200kv

image image

…and then you see the same type of motor with this generic name…

Saite 6355 190kv image

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Maytech based hub but less powerful were on Koowheel, Genesis ecc… Now same motor are use for Carvon. Maytech’s hubs were used in Pulse Eco board that was coming with Maytech VESCs too. Some reviews are available @JdogAwesome @laurnts


Yeah man well aware of that but I think that most people are surprised when you mention carvon and koowheel. Once they released the exo it all became clear, but as I said its not necessarily a bad thing. Koowheel motors are strong hubs. The maytechs are strong hubs. The hubs on the landwheel are good and very powerful. I just think that pure hub motors are hard to perfect. You can’t get enough urethane around them to make them ride nice and they get hot. Imagine the heat of the road combined with the heat of the motor and to get them to perform like a belt drive you have to run them at silly amps. They’re bound to fail eventually. They work as simple last mile solutions but as a high performance machine they have a long way to go. Direct drive on the other hand well thats a different story. They run cooler and so should be more reliable in the long run. I wonder how many carvons have failed relative to raptors.

I totally agree that Koowheel motors are good hubs. I was just sharing infromation. Carvon itself never hides that too. Yeh the big limitation of hub motor is the balance beetween PU and heat dissipation. Direct drive like Carvon should solve it but I see a lot of heat problem too in the thread. I do not know why, maybe too isolated inside the motor CAN. Anyhow I am running hubs since two years, I have tried some of them and I am totally fine with them. Never tried a 6374 dual belt drive, but I have tried boosted, Evolve and the last I am using are way way stronger. Probably comparable with a dual 6355, at least the motor stator is the same. I just do not like the sound of belt drive and I need the stealth look of hubs.

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@dareno I’ve ridden a multitude of boards including the Boosted Board Dual V1 and V2 and I’ve got to say my sensored Maytech Hubs at 12S had nearly equivalent acceleration and braking power as the V1, I was amazed by them. Obviously the V2 had better acceleration than both but nonetheless hubs are an extremely viable solution. Yes obviously the previously stated downsides of hubs are still relevant however it hasn’t been a big deal for me as I run big Abec 90mm 73A in the front and they get me over the big road defects and then the hubs are just dragged over. You can check out my review of the hubs on my profile and watch the video I did with the Ackmaniac overlay, which was only at 6S there, and see for yourselves. Oh and I’ve never had to swap belts on my hubs, something I had to do twice over the 2 months of using a Boosted Board V1. Again, hubs are great and a very reasonable option for anybody other than the most extreme riders, but geared builds still definitely have there place.

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I don’t think you can replace the PU on these which is the biggest roadblock for me. What do you do with the worn out hubs?

I like these comments on Maytech’s website:


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When they say the pu is not replaceable it means that they are not designed with a sleeve over the can. You have to change the the complete outer can including the magnets etc. Most companies will sell you this part if you inquire. Sometimes its an easier process as anyone who has ever changed raptor hubs will tell you. They can be fiddly. @JdogAwesome I think we are saying the same thing lol. I have more hub builds than belts and love 12s with jacobs but being heavy to get it to do what the dual belt can on the hills then they run too hot. My everyday ride is a 10s hub running focboxes and its my most reliable board. Oh and you just can’t compare a boosted v1 with a decent diy belt set up at all. They were famous for eating belts. The point was that every drive system has its place.

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not to get off-topic, yet thank you for answering a question I had about the Landwheel hubs

I purchased two of the Landwheel X5 kits speficially to make an AWD.

The closest I came to achieving this goal was tearing one down and forgetting how to reassemble everything lol.

Any guidance on what I should do with these Landwheel hubs is MOST appreciated, e.g., would they be interesting to try on my Raptor 2, etc. and PM is fine, I don’t want to take us off of the Maytech hubs (on right prototype)


I only had the Maytechs running for a little while but they felt too fast for this little Globe prototype with Maytech (v)ESCs, but again, I’m a product manager and not an electrical engineer, Jim. :wink:

With the consumer ESCs, the brakes were impossible and it would bite immediately.

Next step for this build is probably a Unity and a Freebord binding.

By your requests :slight_smile: the deck on the right is this one:

Hope this helps!


@topcloud There is a whole world of info on the landwheel stuff on here.

@pkasanda is the resident expert on all things landwheel. Really knows his stuff too.

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Anyone know any better hubs in Europe available to buy atm?

At the end I guess we will get the MAD hubs sooner. They are getting shipped tomorrow. It’s a pity you didn’t get in. Did you find a way to set the belt drive?

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Ya but that’s from China right?