Anyone know where I can find a BMS for 10s 4p Samsung 30Q pack?

Anyone know where I can find a BMS for 10s 4p Samsung 30Q pack? I looked around all morning and couldn’t find much. Are there any USA options?

First there’s no such thing as bms for 10s4p pack it’s just the amount of series so 10s and it doesn’t matter the brand battery ect as long it’s 10s or cells in series that’s all that counts.
Bms’s in the USA are rare and hard to come buy u can buy them from China but takes time the only guy who I think has bms in USA is @thisguyhere

well…the number P groups does have something to do with the discharge amps rating.

Bestech, batterysupports

Look at the bestech D190 but I think their minimum order is 2 or more.

Plus it’s Chinese holiday so it’ll take some time for them to respond

For a welded Li-ion pack I would highly recommend that you get a high amp discharge bms and connect it normally, not bypassing for discharge. You can get a Bestech with a built in antispark E-switch so that you won’t have to add an external E-swicth or loop key to turn the board on and off. The Bestech HCX-D223V1 can handle 80a continuous and up to 240a peak which is plenty for discharge. The built in E-switch doubles as a reset switch to recover the bms from protection mode, so you won’t have to open the enclosure and disconnect the battery to reset like other bms’s.

You can order them by 2’s directly from Bestech or someone on the forum might have an extra they would be willing to sell.


The Chinese New Year Festival ended on March 2


Chinese new year never stops right on the end date usually goes for another week. I was an expat there a year ago first learn about an electric longboard at a maker fair at my school.


bestech is back in business, they’re working on my order now.

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I wish they’d back.

those bastards…

who’d you email, I deal with [email protected] and she’s on top of it.

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I’ll email her then. I’ve skyoed Henry and got no response, Lucy will eventually get back to me but I’m getting tired of waiting so I’ll email your contact. Thanks.

I got a charge only from here. This guy is on the forum but I forgot his name. Pretty cheap, fast shipping, the thing looks good. Haven’t used it yet though.

That looks like what I need for my kids board just for charging now I need to look for a wiring diagram to bypass discharge lol

I didn’t see the charging current tho. It only mentions discharging current at 30amps. May have to looke into this tho lol

it’s less than 10a charging current.

this is a super common bms, literally the first result when googling “10s bms”

can be found on ali:

Hmm. Easily found on ebay. Dubious on these… so damn cheap. Supower are another option

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Just charging at 2 amps so it should be good lol

I’ll let ya know how it does when I get my battery built next week