Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Raptor 2 Like Deck? Or The Exact Raptor 2 Deck, Thanks!


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How much are you willing to pay? Lol

About $100, why you asking?

I have one that’s not being used. But I may hold on to it because I may want to swap the whole thing for a replacement board. I got water damage a few months ago and haven’t been able to use my board since.

ahh thats sucks, isn’t it waterproof tho?

The first iterations had some flaws but they are improving the Board constantly. You will not get what you saw one year ago (in a positive way) !

How much for the deck?

I beg to differ. The first R2 I received exactly a year ago at least lasted 180 miles before it broke down for the 4th time. The newest “upgraded” R2 lasted 60 miles before the motors locked up and almost killed me at 30mph. The board is getting worse due to there severe lack of QC. It’s only gotten worse over time as evidenced by more and more reports of bad motors, bad out wheels, BMS issues, broken axles, ect… Small puddles kill the R2.

P.S- This isn’t just my board I’m talking about. We have 4 here in Portland all with those issues. I have 8 friends and family still waiting for their boards. Hopefully these things don’t happen to them or its kinda on me. :frowning:

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