Anyone know where I can get a set of ownboard hub in the US?

Im in NY USA and im trying to get a set of ownboard hubs for an upcoming build im doing. Anyone have any leads? Im not trying to pay a $50 shipping fee for hubs and the truck they work with… only to wait the standard Chinese shipping time :laughing:

@PredatorBoards I think maybe you might have some? :smiley:

anyone else?

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I have a set of Genesis Hellfire hubs. 350w.

I mean, if the price is right i guess. I havnt heard anything positive from Genesis :laughing:

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What you got to trade? They aren’t worth money to me lol.

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ive got a TB vesc, a 10s5p battery from diyeboard, an old motor mount? lol im not sure any of it is worth to you

also can i get pics of the hubs?

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Wowgo and meepo use the exact same replaceable PU hubs…

Wowgo has free shipping.

How much do you willing to pay? I have seen these motor everywhere from ebay to AliExpress… You can find them easy.

@J0ker3366 and it all becomes clear. :thinking: