Anyone know where to find 90 mm 75 a Abec 11 flywheels?

Hey been looking for some for awhile. Ollinsboard offers them but he’s been out for awhile. Just curious if anyone can give a heads up.

The question everyone wishes they knew the answer too… maybe

75A are gone, DEAL WITH IT!! :stuck_out_tongue: this week the first 90mm trampa stickies will be available - might be an option, they start at 74A!

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Group buy going on right now. They are not Abec 11, they are flywheels.


Royalboardshop in Canada have them still available!!!

i wont believe it until you actually have them in your hands. ordered TWICE now from vendors who claimed to have 75A - one order got cancelled after 4 weeks, the other told me a few days after that they in fact didnt have 75A, but 78A!

Hey dude I think this dutch suplier got them:

(the 90mm are also in the list. Sorry kopied the wrong one)

Fair enough, but they went through all the hassle getting the exact shipping cost to Australia. But yeah who knows, could be a false stock in their system. Anyway, If they were a bit cheaper I would have ordered a set. Instead, I ordered 78a’s from Evolve Australia. Bit worried about this one tbh since I have not received any shipping updates or tracking number …

These are 78a ABEC’s according to the product description? But better than nothing … :wink:

Evolve USA do sell 97mm/75a, just saying:

Worried about wheel bite so looking for smaller wheels.

Maybe I should think about selling these. :slight_smile:

bit the bullet… bought them from evolve for 125 shipped…

Their pic says 78a but the description says 75

Is there so much difference between 75 and 78? I would be happy if Evolve would ship me the wheelz. Have not heard a single peep since two weeks. Damn …

Oh you ordered and they’re didn’t ship? Now they’re on vacation till January

Na these … (can’t say it) pretended to have them on their website (this is Evolve Australia btw.) but apparently they are out of stock!!! Now I will try to get the wheels from Canada (not that much more expensive tbh.).


oh okay got it. yea i ordered mine and they shipped them already! US