Anyone know why I would be getting sparks in between my wheel pulleys and motor mount?

I don’t think the spark would have nearly enough energy to start a fire with anything that wasn’t extremely flammable.

Gotta make sure not to eat beans before riding then :rofl:

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Agreed that it would be highly unlikely to cause a fire as is (perhaps impossible idk), but I thought we were talking about modifying it to leave a trail of sparks? Not saying it wouldn’t look cool, it just wouldn’t be a very smart move in a dry location like this.

Cool vid btw

I was imagining it in use on a road though instead of through dry tinder in the woods but you have an offroad board. its not like a flying ember spark which has a lot of heat, the energy in static like this is so little you probably couldn’t start a fire in paper or dry grass with even a giant van de graff if you were trying. I think!


I think you’re probably right. I doubt a static spark could light anything on fire without some type of accelerant. I still don’t think I’d want to take my chances in dry grass though.

If you do rig something up like this though, I’d certainly like to see it :grinning:

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Definitely no sparks on my side :slight_smile:


This is happened me on one of the new motor. It fried 2 of my vesc when I tried to bench test FOC with sensors on my desk. I have contact with the vender where I have purchased motors from. The only clue they have is tried to change the mounting bolts from M4x10 to M4x8. the bolts might have been contacted with the motor coils and wirings.

so now I have to wait for a new DRV8302 chips to replace and test them again. I will be on my feet for a few weeks.

What kind of motor mount are you using? Are you sure it’s static spark that you’re getting?

Definitely not the mounting bolts in my case. I can see the ends, and they’re nowhere near the coils or any of the wires, and I have two identical beltdrives, (or had, only have one now) but both get the same spark. Didn’t bother with the kapton tape because it didn’t seem to be causing any problems.

Sorry your ESCs got fried though. Lots of vesc related problems on here it seems.

I am not exactly sure. with the other new motor was working fine. I just hope is not a faulty on the motor.

what happened to the video? I want to see the sparks. ITS THE ONLY REASON I WOKE UP TODAY.


Sorry man lol. Deleted it awhile back from YouTube. Didn’t cross my mind that it wouldn’t be on this thread anymore. Just tried uploading another, but the vid keeps coming out all pixely for some reason. Will try again when I get a minute.

Idk guys, I give up. There’s supposed to be an icon for changing resolution, as well as retrieving deleted videos, but neither shows up from my phone. I don’t have enough patience for this shit :monkey:

dangit man I was looking forward to seeing some sparks :grin:


Sorry man, I’ve been away from a computer for weeks. Don’t think it’ll let me retrieve the vid from my phone for some reason. I’ll try and dig it back up though if possible :smile: Think you guys got a bigger kick out of this than I did lol. I mainly just wanted make sure it wasn’t going blow up or something :sweat_smile:

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I guarantee that it will turn into a nuke, 120% in the next week lol. I can make some sparks with my lipos at home :wink:

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Saw a build on the video thread recently spraying sparks out the back. Was actually pretty cool :smile: Never got a response back on how it was done though.

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Hows it holding up? Any issues a year down the road?

Nope, no issues. Badass drive system!

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