Anyone know why my koowheel hubs are doing this?(with ownboard esc)

1st vid(motor sound)

2nd vid(motor sound)

3rd vid(esc sound)

he sensors seem to work great now that I’ve soldered them correctly (I’ll use electrical tape don’t worry)

But even sensorless the hubs keep making that sound… Shakes the whole table and makes me think that maaaaybe I should get new hubs…

Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

E: excuse my mess, Im back for break and don’t really have a room :joy:

What dafuc is that loud noise? Is it delayed like that where you pull throttle and then it makes that sound?

Nope! I’ll record another video.

The white wire coming from the hub motors, what is that? It’s not solder. I wonder why? Did the koowheel ESC use 9 pin connector?

Here’s another video, I’ll add it to the main body though.

Quality got sorta better YouTube is dumb :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure actually, but the white is temperature (according to the carvon TD thread, as koowheel provides their motor)

To me it seems like the motors momentarily get stalled. Are both doing this? I cant tell from the vid

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Let me check :slight_smile:

When my motors are plugged in with everything on, the esc actually makes a noise …

When I’m done speaking in the video, turn the volume up. It sounds like high pitch tv static

They both do it :0

Does this mean my esc is dead :frowning:

I already voided warranty :joy::joy:

If its a single (dual) ESC driving them, then I guess it can somehow make sense that both get stalled at once… but what activates the stalling? did you touch the brake? or was this just on constant power spinining the motors?

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It’s when I reach a certain point in the throttle/power curve

No break or anything like that.

Maybe it’s just because it’s unloaded??? I haven’t ridden them yet but if they act like this I’m kinda scared to :thinking:

the plot thickens.

dude i have no clue wtf is going on here. And the motors still continue spining after the stall… Im affraid that your ESC might be somehow busted.

Perhaps some magic pixie masters can chime in

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If that’s the case ownboard sold me a faulty esc :joy::joy: I’ve babied this thing for that exact reason. Bummer.

When I get back to school I can check if they work on focboxes


Have you ever experienced this with your esc? I know it’s “different” :wink: but… X)

They spin fine at first, so motors cant be at fault.

Maybe some wrong settings with the sensors, where they crap out at some speed? but again, spins fine until that point, doesnt make sense

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It was doing this sensorless too…:frowning:

Then my last guess is that the erpm exceeds the limits of the esc… :smiley: again, how can someone sell such incompatible gear then… Im leaning towards a faulty esc. Contact the seller, see if they can do something maybe

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Sounds like a gun shot

Next thing you could try are different hubs but you soldered the sensor wires…

Are those koowheel hubs?

Yep! Traded a 4.12 vesc for them :joy::joy:

Also part of the sound youre hearing is it hitting my table. It literally bucks. I also have no other hubs or escs to test this on :face_with_monocle::persevere: