Anyone knows the Trampa board material?!

Hi, I’m pretty happy with the Trampa holypro I got from a friend of mine, but I was thinking of creating a custom one for myself. I experimented a lot with carbon fiber, but the results had always some kind of huge flaw like being waaaay to stiff or almost as flexy as a piece of urathene, so I don’t think, that they are using anything carbon fiber based. Maybe someone on the forum has a clue what the material could be, and if so where to find it.

Thanks in advance, Damon

It is definitely layers of carbon fiber around some type of core I would imagine

probably bamboo and the classic maple or something, carbon fiber IMO is only the outer layer

There should be some pics of drilling thru the deck so maybe its visible there

Supposed to be layered glass and plastic thermo composite material


Trampa are pure glass fiber with dyed resin, cut with a water jet


Pretty sure it’s fibre glass composite

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I had heard ‘twintex’ :+1:t2:

Some info from a quick google search :

(Need to read the whole post)

Also I do not know for sure, I am known for being wrong :nerd_face:

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To add to that it’s likely 6 or 7oz cloth…or higher.

@Acido @ShutterShock I was playing with the idea of a foam core too, but I dropped it pretty early because a foam core makes carbon fiber extremely stiff. A bamboo or any other wooden core isn’t possible because of pictures I’ve seen, where someone drilled in his board.

AFAIK and others mentioned it’s not carbon fiber and has no core, drilled about 30 holes and it’s all the same material.


source of quote


I wasn’t thinking of selling a board, I just wanted to make one for me and my brother… :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:

Haha, sorry, i wasn’t implying that you wanted to sell it. I just wanted to highlight the material used and to fully quote the source

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30 holes? Poor board…:disappointed_relieved:

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… happy enclosure :laughing: but I have to correct myself, 25 holes only. 18 holes in urban carver deck (maybe need more) and 7 in MTB deck with threaded inserts.


Not sure, my initial guess would have been some form of modified polyethylene with a % of wood fibre/dust, with added reinforcement by way of layers of glassfibre mat.

It is similar in texture/finish to WPC decking which is very popular in SE Asia due to its resistance to rot/fungal attack.