Anyone looking for 2 new Focboxes//SOLD

Hey, I have 2 focboxes from the Enertion Black Friday sale. Both have never been powered or used. (Ordered 3 to get the free shipping, but I only need to keep one as a spare for my board; and am planning to solder up two stewii Escape esc’s soon). Pm me for more pics, and can show my receipt. Asking 250 + shipping for both, or make an offer! (prefer to keep this USA only).

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ugh i’m tempted but have no money…

what would ya trade for?

@GrecoMan Not looking for trades unfortunately :persevere:. Kinda strapped on cash, and that’s why I’m selling them. And I won’t be building my 4wd mountain board till next winter and I feel bad having them sit till then when we have a mosfet shortage going on lol.

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Pm you…

Could even include the beautiful money clip if anyone’s interested :joy:

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would you be willing to sell separately

@bplatoff possibly if I don’t find someone that wants both for a fair price within the next few days.

ok thank you


They are sold, sorry guys!


Dang! wish I saw this sooner. I woulda gotten both :frowning:

Dang! Saw this too late. Thanks for tagging me. I picked up some other VESCs already, but probably would have bought these and sold the ones i have.

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