Anyone made a electric scooter?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has made an electric scooter before and could spare some knowledge. I’ve made a electric skateboard before so i have a little bit of knowledge of whats needed but for this school project its just im a bit lost. Im looking to get the following out of it; 35mph top speed, 20 miles range, 25% hill incline. I have some parts already should i use 12v batteries?? If someone could help list all the parts i might need that would be awesome! Thanks Henza64

talk to @flywithgriff

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I’ve made an electric knee scooter

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You could buy a petrol one and convert it to electric,I looked at doing it a while back but never got round to it. I’ve had both petrol and electric ones,definitely go lithium ion or lipo,lead acid 12v batteries weigh a ton and your need at least 3 of them!
I was looking at converting a desert storm as it’s a beast,you don’t want anything flimsy reaching over 30mph, here’s a picture of it…

No doubt you can pick a used one up quit cheep now!

The desert storm actually runs off belt drive and the engine moves back and forth to adjust belt tension making it ideal for an electric conversion. The chassy in the middle has a hollow compartment where your lithium/lipo pack can be stored as well!

Just the other day I was looking at this

Hub motors seem to be standard, three phase wires and 5 for hall sensors so they could run on a Vesc. I have a micro scooter that might fit that wheel.

Scooters just have too many parts… I bought this one for $600 from Alibaba + $185 shipping Fedex. And unlike skateboards – which I don’t think are super popular in Asia (maybe Japan), scooters have steep competition and they are really good at scooters because that’s like their car!

I don’t think you can build something of this quality, with machining, etc that has the look and features as those produced in Shenzen.

Previously I had the tires under-inflated so was only getting 30-35mph… now I am getting 45mph+ on straight away.

I bet if I replaced the battery pack with better 18650 cells I could get to 55-60mph. Single rear wheel hub motor…

Do you reckon if i bought a frame already premade for an electric scooter then all i would have to do is put in the electrical components??

Would this get me the 50km/h im looking for, its meant to be a 100cc equivalent? its also 150kv so it should be ok for getting up slight inclines!

@Henza64 I wouldn’t use that motor unless you either build a second support bracket to support that shaft, or modify the motor so the shaft sticks out the other side. I’d look into a 80100 from alien power systems or similar, they’re much better suited to the job without mods or extra work.

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As noted previously you will need 80mm motor and not sure if measures have to be taken for the cooling of the esc. Hub motors will not be sufficient for sure.

Just buy an electric scooter motor,you can buy replacement parts for all different models online.

Also, with that much power going to a single motor, you really need an upgraded vesc. Either AXLE, Ollin v1.1, vesc6, stewii’s 6.4 based vesc, etc. A regular 4.xx vesc just won’t handle it.

With some cooling even the 4.xx will be enough. Example here:

C’mon no way you getting 40mph on that thing…lol…more like 25mph if that, you’re speedo is way off buddy… I own scooter with dual motors 52v top out at 35mph

Maybe it is the speedometer but I go 25mph on my 12s4p dual motor Trampa carver and this feels significantly faster even just by my butt speedometer if you are saying my speedo is off … i will shoot video of it… once back from Thanksgiving.

How else can i measure the speed other than the devices speedometer? I am going to ask my friend to drive my car and we will see if it’s 45mph.

I should have said “a stock 4.xx” then.

Use a Spedometer app on your phone. They typically use GPS for speed averaging, but its still pretty accurate.


Should i make the frame, mod a scooter or buy a premade one?

It depends, can you get one that does what you want, within the budget you set for it? If so, get a premade one. If not, I’d look around and see if you can find a frame with all the features you want, and mod it. Making your own frame would only be a last resort for me, since that’s a whole nother level of engineering compared to skateboards.