Anyone made a more powerful leiftech/electric freebord?

Looks like it needs more power anyone done it?

@okp @Lunasi if I remember right. Just search a bit here and you will find something for sure


I saw launasi is building one ya butvcant find okps anywhere been searching

Check out @Nowind’s

I think he’s almost ready to ship

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@Nowind when will we see your off-road leiftech? :joy:

It’s a never ending road, I know. Sorry bud, thought you were further along haha.

Op, here’s the link to the thread

Yeah coming soon :zipper_mouth_face::laughing:

No problem mate, easyyyy


That being said, let’s get it going alright? I’m very interested

As I read the “easyyyy” I forgot you weren’t a New Yorker… I wonder if that trend is eslewhere :thinking:

Now for my ontopic question: if you were to be honest how long would this take to learn if I know how to longboard, ski and surf. I feel like those would be the closest things I have in my ‘tool belt’, as I’ve never tried a snowboard


Yeah here in the RUHRPOTT this trend starts before it showes up in NYC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never tried a snowboard, but alot of Skate / Wake / Kite Stuff Started in my holidays, 3 Battery Charges a day, around 2 weeks and it started to feel very comfortable


Lifelong snowboarder, it took me about a week to feel comfortable just being at speed and about 3-4 weeks before I was carving and manually stopping. Surfing will probably be the closest thing to it if you’ve done that.

Hi folks, got the chance to catch a Leif at the bay but without controller and batteries. Do anyone know the max voltage/amps to power these things. May want to use the electronic(vescs, remote and some lipos) of my mountainboard so…seen the most of you are powering with 8s… are 12s possible for the sliprings and motors? How high i can set the motor current?

Greetings from Bavaria

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Check this shit out!!! How do I make this?? Where can I get one?

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wait for the FB5 / 5-X and then slap that on a scooter. Oh I do have a spare ebike hub…