Anyone made an Eskate out of a guitar or gun case?

I’m a university student and I made my first electric long board only a few weeks ago. Now ive been wondering if anyone has made one out of a guitar or gun case. I’m dead serious too. It would provide storage space and space for all the components. Hope this doesn’t sound too far fetched lol.

Hard to visualize without a picture… :wink:

Yeah need to see a picture to visualise

ahahahaahahahaha this would be the weirdest looking thing on the road. a guitar case like this:

with some trucks on it and some like 5" risers :joy:

It’s possible but the problem is that it would handle like a guitar case.

Gun case may make more sense but you’s want to use an aluminium one and reinforce the inside where the trucks mate…it would still handle like shit


And vibration would be a killer


I was thinking more of a gun case or road case like this

I can store my books in it and skate to school haha.

dude you could mount some of those Tronik trucks and motors on there and it would legit be a bus. Could even eliminate the sled by putting everything in the case. You’d need some seriousl risers but could make it part of the framework or cut out the case for wells.

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Not a very solid base structure for something that is already dangerous enough imo!

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Yeah i think if you mount some trucks on one of the panels it would break

Which is why to even consider this you would need to reinforce the other side (insiude) where the trucks mate.

And the torsion…this will flex in opposite directions, you will eat curb sooner or later

Bad idea

Reason I considered this is because well, this is a DIY site and I’m an engineering student. I build and fail and build and fail but its fun. I also make successful things too, but its all about trying. Everyone is assuming some flimsy case, but a case could be built with extruded aluminum and fiberglass. Ive already started on conceptualizing how I would build a board with a built in storage. Mainly because the university I attend is all hills and I suffer from a back problem. So backpacks are quite literally a pain.

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I think entering an educational facility with what appears to be a gun case may get you attention you don’t want


My brother has an electric base guitar that has a flat rectangular case, maybe you could try one of those?

As long as we’re talking about this, at the other end of the scale, might I suggest a grand piano? It already has wheels installed, and it’ll give you waaay more storage space.

That is one intense battery

Well depends on what you want : you can make a cargo board but expect it to handle like a cargo.

Pineapples apple pie ! Sounds close but is not close.

Maybe a suggestion if you wanna give it a try and get a heavy duty board able to carry stuff around and still handle like a board instead of a cargo :

  • start from a MTB with large trucks and suspensions
  • find a way to stuff all electronics on top of deck so underneath is all free
  • put silicon / rubber linked rigid cases or baskets underneath from truck to truck or
  • strap a mesh grill and pack it with abrasive resistant tissue with foam padding (or recycle some strong backpack materials)

This should not look too bad either, just bulky but more like a SUV instead of a cargo van.