Anyone make battery packs if I supply the batteries? USA

Hey there

wondering if anyone here provides battery pack making services. Don’t have a spot welder or experience using one. Rather not mess something up ya know.

Still not sure my configuration but I’m pretty set on the Sanyo 20700 4250 cells.

Services interested. Pack assembly with BMS. spot welding Shrink wrapping Any wiring to connect to an V/ESC

Basically all set to go. Will find an enclosure.

@longhairedboy makes hyuuuuge packs… hit him up!

Sure can if you want

Those cells are great I use them on a few builds

@scepterr, quick, reliable and fair…

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where u located?

Buffalo NY

its true. I have them listed on my site actually.

i build them to order, they take about two weeks to get out the door. They’re not cheap, but its high quality and uses the the good Sammy 30Q cells.

What’s up can yu build me a battery

Oh shit you are from Buffalo we should ride together one of these days

Me and my friend ride all the time.