Anyone make/sell a 42T 15mm Aluminium pulley?

Anyone make/sell a 42T 15mm Aluminium pulley? Can only find 3d printed in UK/Europe.

Ive got an 42T 3d printed and its fine but its noisey because its not perfect. Its starting to ‘wear in’ but id love an alumium one like the 32T Alien Power Sys one I have.

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I’d also love some of these, especially if they had bearing seats and hub inserts. I’m not aware that anyone makes them.

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Yep, would love a 44 or 42 in 15mm.

Even sketched up a modified version of a @JuniorPotato93 design in fusion 360. For a quantity of 4 Weerg were looking at around 70euro (not including bolts, or retainer). Larger quantities don’t bring cost down much.

image image


44T would be even better than 42T. I can always increase the motor pulley size, but I can’t realistically decrease it less than 15 teeth.

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What about 3d printed with ultem? :smiley:

Is that aluminum? LoL

In all seriousness, titanium would work equally as well.

We are working on a line of rims with a aluminum pulley. We have plans to make the pulley compatible with MBS,Trampa, and evolve wheels. We have some pictures of our first Prototype. The rim will only be an oz or two over the trampa and MBS hybrids and MBs all aluminum. In the pictures the pulley will be reduced and redesign to lose weight a standard pulley is 5-6 oz. that one is coming in close to 10 oz. I think we can lose 3-4 oz and still have what’s needed. Also the redesign will allow for the space between spokes to remain open like the front. So to sum up. Only gain of less than a pound. Very customizable in color spoke/bearing/axle size. And universal. Playing with the idea to offer half and half. Being have color combo one side and a second on the other. Price is always a factor. But I think if enough people are interested a possible indigogo campaign can drive the cost down and make it affordable

Please check us out.

I was more looking for a Kegel-style or ABEC11-style insert, preferably boltless.

After we get everything tight on the AT rims our focus will branch out to the street side with possibly a pulley for both Abec and orangatag. We think it can be done in aluminum at or under what companies are offing in plastic. image


That’s what I’m talkin about

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If you still want I think a friend can make them in aluminum