Anyone Mount Motor Controllers on top of Jet Spud?

Looking for more battery space underneath. I have a little SE56 case I could fit the focboxes in. Pros? Cons? Pictures of it done? Thanks

why would you want to mount " Anyone Mount Motor Controllers on top of Jet Spud?" when you can fit a 12s6p and dual focboxes underneath the deck? :sweat_smile:


You wouldnt have any room for ur feet then?

i think hes trying to fit more than 12s6p under the deck :joy::rofl::rofl::smirk:

or maybe he dosent know you can even fit 12s6p on the spud, in the first place.

Who would possibly ride a fully charged 12s6p till it dies on a spud of all boards…

even better question is why the hell would anyone need more than that

idk, but i wouldn’t understand why you would mount esc ontop of such a small deck


me… im a hardcore shortboard fan

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but dude your poor legs :grimacing:

thats like 30mi on thane

its actaully 27 miles on 30q (18000mah)

i draw 27wh/mile

my legs almost gave out on the Manhattan bridge after 12 miles on and off.

on thanes? what the heck lol

Ill stop clogging your thread Mr R, sorry about that <3

I have an eboosted Enclosure that fits 10s3p, bms, and dual focboxes. I have enough batteries for a 12s4p. Focboxes go up top = more battery space. Also I will be using Pneumatics

raptor hubs (45a)

just get the eboosted ds enclosure, that way you can fit 12s6p without your focboxes on top :joy:

@akhlut are you still looking to trade ur DS enclouser?

That was you right?

I feel like I should mention I have strong legs…because of the direction this topic is headed. I do leg exercises for a firm ass

hehe… combined with street bumps nah

I can think of one reason to do it…

8in MBS Wheels on Matrix 2 or SR trucks with ling axles, bindings and a fat double stack battery. That’s an if road beast.

You can mount the ESCs in the center in a small box with the volt meter and switch centrally located. The more I think about it the copper it sounds :smiley:

Obviously I’ve started a revolution.


what kind of angles/risers would you need to run 8in wheels on a spud? I was just playing with the idea of gummies on it but I expect it to bite easily

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