Anyone need a batery built?

I’m thinking about ways i can pay off a small amount of my board

I’m considering to offer battery building services, you would choose the battery and bms or i would suggest you if you are too lazy to read about it and give you a price (without any extra charges) i would only make you pay for materials and my working time

so it wouldn’t be too expensive.

Like 20$-30$ idk would anyone be interested

Also I will have time for this in about a month so… I live in Croatia so shipments wouldn’t be too much to EU like 10$ idk need to do a research on it

have you ever built a battery before?

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I have built with a friend 4 by now and will build a 5th in a few days for me

We would be building them together he finished some electrical college which i do not know how to translate in English And is currently working in that sector.

So there shouldn’t be any problems

The problem is the shipping. As far as I know it is expensive to ship an assembled 100+ Wh battery since it can not go by a plane. I may be wrong though, this applies for the shipping services I have available in Slovakia(central Europe).

Where are you located?

Are you considering building for anyone in the US or is this EU only?

$20-$30 per hour for your time?

No thats way too much That would be the total price i guess

Its the same for me since the customer will pay shipping

Can someone help me understand the charts, I see that above 100wh can be shipped but not sure if i can trust myself lol

It looks good to me. You can ship greater than 100 WH batteries but only on cargo planes, not passenger planes. Not sure if you require some sort of certification or something though.

I will call dhl and see what they say on it, and what would be the price

Are you spot welding with pure nickel?

Some pictures of previously built batteries would motivate some interest

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Yes I am, but I ran out of it so will take some time to get it

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Will post when I make a sales thread

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