Anyone need some adapters?

Hi, I am selling brand new, 5.5mm to 5.5mm bullet connector extenders and other assorted adapters. You tell me the length. All orders come with black wire mesh and high quality 12awg silicone wire. US only for now. All orders will be shipped priority USPS. Hoping to pay for a new remote with some money :). PM for prices.

I may be interested, gotta see what I need first.

Alright, PM sent :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of other hard to solder little things that you might be able to make a buck on as well.

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Yea, I can make parallel connectors too. Just don’t have very many xt60s or xt90s on hand @smurf

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@anon64938381 order is ready to ship! I am just waiting on some envelopes and it’ll be on its way!

There’s lots of focboxes being sold, they come with xt60 connectors but most packs have xt90 connectors. You might make some money selling dual male xt60 to single female xt90.


Title has been edited :slight_smile: Thanks!

…in fact I’ve always wondered why someone isn’t selling come harness kits.

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Well, now there is someone selling harness kits :wink:

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@GrecoMan get some adhesive lined heatshrink for the connectors, electrical tape no bueno

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Yea I normally use heatshrink but I ran out. Is on the list of things to buy

Toilet paper and heatshrink, the 2 household must-haves :grin:

lol yep, ive gone through aloooooottttt of heatshrink in the past month

I don’t order anything less than 25ft at a time anymore, usually 100 lol

jesus I haven’t used that much :joy:

annnddd, ive now purchased some off amazon. Funny how they offer a subscription to get it delivered every month :joy:

It’s pretty cost effective, 2 colors, 2-3 sizes at 25ft each is pretty cheap compared to the kits or precuts, especially if you can find some at your local plumbing/electrical/marine supply, it can be really cheap

meh, I just got this kit off amazon, makes it so I don’t have to leave my house :laughing:

Should check out Banggoods. They have sick discounts, if you got the Amazon kit, then it’ll arrive maybe right when you run out :grin: