Anyone out there that can fix my MadMunkey mod?

I destroyed the charging port on my GT2B during the MadMunkey Mod. I literally only have about $20 to spend. I would buy the one from @JLabs but believe it or not that’s out of my price range. So anyone got a spare they could sell me for cheap? I’m in US.

If you can wait for a few weeks)

Nah, maybe I can send my GT2B to someone and pay them a bit to do it for me, I’ve got everything else running perfectly. I just can’t charge.

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post pics of the damage, that way we have a better idea of the skill level required to fix the damage

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Did it just come un-soldered? Like @faithfulpuppy said…Show us a pic. If you damaged the board that is a whole other issue. Cool?

I think the simplest option would be to just buy a Micro USB breakout and solder it onto the old Mini USB pads. You could also do what I did with my GT2B and add a TP4056 module and connected it to the battery and Micro USB. I have a thread about it and I’m sure you can find it on here by searching “GT2B Charging”.


I’ll do it for the cost of shipping if I can. Send the pics!

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Alright, when I get home from school I will totally post some pics, thanks!

Nothings really destroyed, I’m just horrible at solder connections that small

Alright so I think I’ll just make a deposit into my account and wait for Friday :pensive:.

@JLabs freee shipping?

I ordered this and it came in a couple of days($18 shipped):