Anyone parting with a 6374 motor?

So I managed to break my motor this morning.

Looking for a replacement so is there anyone parting with a 6374 motor with 8mm shaft?

Either that or have a broken 6374 I could replace the hub from?

Thanks Norcs

What motor was thar?

One from the @JLabs / @ajaynagra group buy. Maytech I think.

Not Maytech :grin:. Which bolt holes were you using? Outer or inner?

Damn, how did you break that? I have one as well and I’m getting a bit worried, with the amount of people using it (and breaking the mounting part) I think we should find the problem and a way to fix it

i got a sk3 6374 192kv if u want it

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Where are you from and what we’re you looking for?