Anyone played with rubber ISOLATION truck hardware?

Just thinking, if in addition to a rubber etc gasket, to stop your board getting busted or damaged from truck mounting, you also had a rubber isolated bolt/screw, then the truck would truly be rubber isolated.

Might be as effective at rumble elimination as pneumies. I would think it would require large head, to better contain a thick rubber washer.

This with even the standard 1/8 inch or better yet, 1/4 inch shock pad and you have plush. I THINK.

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what kinda speeds you have planned?

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Max ever, 25 if that. It still is contained in two planes. Just up and down will dampen.

I am going to do an experiment. I am getting a 100 of these. I will use flathead hardware, and countersink for them into these. 100 Qty #6 Stainless Steel EPDM Bonded Sealing Neoprene Rubber Washers (BCP636) 688938509361 | eBay There is just enough meat to achieve a countersink. They will stick up hardly at all, and have about an eighth give. Just enough for vibration dampening.

I have a 1/4 inch shock pad. So it will have differing give in the up vs. down directions. In a good way.

If it works, I will sell the rest for postage only per set. Maybe a buckfiddy, to countersink too.

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Hard mounting is better IMHO. You don’t want the truck baseplates moving in relation to the deck. Preferably not any.

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If that were the case, then there would be no shock pads. No flexible risers.

I can put any preload I choose, relatively. To create any amount of flex I want.


People buy it, so it exists.

Also, esk8 needs are different than sk8 needs.


[quote=“b264, post:6, topic:115803”] , esk8 needs are different than sk8 needs. [/quote] definitely true. Everytime I think I want “shocks” on a board I remember that I’m not a pussy. Not a great comparison as those do take a pounding. But you know what I mean.

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Not to mention, there is about the same amount of flex, in a DKP truck. Then there is the amount of flex in the deck. Then the pneumies. Dont forget the flex of the axles/hangers. Evolve uses flex deck tape.

The rumble and bumps, from sidewalk cracks etc, cause a lot of maintenance and repair. Reducing the jolt, is beneficial. Every bit of flex I create, lets me pump my tires up max, and still roll plushish.

You must ride like 12mph. Have all the foam absorbing quad kingchanelpin trucks you want bub. Pneumatic tires when properly inflated are plenty of absorption for the components of an esk8. There’s a reason they use top mount boxes. I hate them but they have a place in the world of esk8. Even those guys aren’t breaking speed records. All I’m saying is fuck it don’t die.

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What is PROPERLY INFLATED? Most say that is AT LEAST the max, if not far more. Noone I have read, cranks down the pressure till you actually get damping.

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I have 3PSI tires if you want but they will melt if you do a burnout