Anyone run dual with ESC and VESC?

My current build has dual TB 120a 12s Opto ESC’s driving a 5065 on each end with 90mm wheels. I run either 8s, 10s, or 12s battery packs depending on the range and speed desired. Other than the very squirrely (overly sensitive/aggressive) braking at high speeds and high voltages, I have been very pleased with the setup.

One of the ESC’s has recently stopped working. When running with wheels in the air, it gets hot and the motor just shakes around and makes a lot of noise. The other ESC stays cool and both motors are working fine. I swapped motor cables with the good ESC to ensure this.

It looks like Torqueboards is out of stock on the old ESC and everyone is singing the praises of the new VESCs. This may be my opportunity to upgrade/solve the one thing I dislike about my board.

Has anyone ever tried to run one opto ESC and one VESC in a dual configuration before?
I do realize that I could just replace both with a dual VESC setup, but where is the mad scientist spirit in that move?

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You could probably make it work. I wouldn’t recommend it but if I was to do it I’d probably use a PPM receiver and feed it into both ESCs. Now I’m assuming your OPTO ESC isn’t very configurable, so you’d would then want to tune your VESC to match the power curves of the ESC. I’d say you would want them to be exactly the same so avoid torque steer and braking, but I guess people run single motor arrangements all the time, but I certainly prefer an even power distribution on my rear wheels.

Thanks for the response. It is a dual diagonal setup. I have played with tuning the ESC’s differently in the past for both acceleration and braking. I didn’t have an issue with torque steer or braking. Perhaps I will just sell the good ESC and go with a dual VESC setup.

What is a TB 120amp 12s OPTO ESC with programming card worth these days?