Anyone Seen SPECTRA Yet?

Was featured in Casey’s VLOG today.

20 mile range! Spec’s don’t look too bad…

Yes, we’ve seen it. No, it won’t actually go 20 unless you weigh 20kg

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It won’t go 20 miles, it won’t go up 36% hills, and it probably won’t go 20mph

That has no remote, you don’t want to go 20mph on that. Casey couldn’t even get it to work

Yeah but Marlin did :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, no remote would scare me a little, but it’s a great looking little board…

Wait a couple of months for the board designed by the community (@lox897, I and others are developing it) - it will be $800 and will have a 33km range (despite being only a 33" cruiser) + fast charge (2hours 15 mins). It will be made from quality components and will support the community unlike the board Casey tried. It will have a sick remote as well with an OLED display! Please don’t waste your money on kickstarter liars that don’t use quality components.


Hey man, I’m not puttin’ my money anywhere else other than to continue to improve my own DIY board, I just liked the look of it and thought it was interesting :+1:

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HOLY SH!T that looks like a death trap! :fearful:

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