Anyone selling a firefly remote or willing to build one?

Hi, I’m interested in buying a firefly remote and am wondering if anyone takes orders for these or do I just have to buy it used off someone else.



Of course,buy a remote.

You can just buy all parts and build your own or ask @rey8801 I think he still make them. I think I also have a set with all electronics laying around just in case.

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Wait a bit… there is something comming :wink:


If you are still interested in buying a Firefly remote, I plan on making a few batches of them this summer. I am an engineering student looking to make some extra dough this summer alongside my Co-Op. I want one myself and know it would be smart to help meet the high demand for this remote for some other people. I plan on making them to order once I am done with this semester. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks.

Email: [email protected]


I’d be up for selling mine

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I have one that is like 95% built, I am just finishing up on coding the one I have almost done.

Edit: I don’t plan on using it and it’s gonna go up for sale.

If anyone still has a remote for sale please let me know as I’m interested.

Also some advice on a good ESC to hook it up with would be of great help. Something similar to the Foc Box unity without connection issues.


I have another one 95% just coding to complete aswell

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