Anyone selling a used vesc in Aus?

Hi I am after a vesc so I can go dual motor.

I already have a vesc (the old version 4.12 I think)

I’m after a used vesc if anyone has one?

Cheap please !


I have 2 cactus Tb vesc going real cheap

How much for one mate inc postage to Perth?

They are no good… 1 has drv fault and one overheats.

I suggest buying focbox or escape.

It’s the one part you shouldn’t cheap out on I’ve discovered after blowing $300

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Cheaping out on vesc is a no-no for me.

If you really have to, you can try Maytech 12S 50A HV super esc based on vesc bldc motor controller, which is brand new for just 99.90USD.

Their shop front is on

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