Anyone selling complete antispark switches? [US]

Hi everyone Im looking for anyone who can make me a complete antispark swich with dual XT-90 connectors. Ive got the 10s5p battery pack from diyeboard, so Im looking to also integrate it with the voltage meter and the built in power button

name your price and we can talk more :slight_smile:

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@emepror makes some nice ones with terminals for a fuse

I will do it, but I have no idea what is a fair price. $30? What do other people charge?

Im not sure really, Ive seen one go on here for about 40 with shipping if i can remember correctly. I hope that youre skilled with a soldering iron ;D

My anti spark switch has been working with no issues for a couple months now(along with my battery and all other soldered/welded joints on my board), and I repair lots of electronics with cut up cables all the time. I use a Hakko soldering iron, heat shrink etc that gets the job done. I’m confident that I could make you a quality one for $40 shipped.

sounds great! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

only problem is… my work is really muffing up with getting a service called workday, functioning, so I cant do my W2 or W4, so i may or may not even get money this friday :laughing:

fml… lmao

ill reply to this thread when ive got some shmonie I can throw your way!
Hi,you can contact them.