Anyone taking their bearing seals on and off?

for cleaning them. I keep damaging the seals on all bearings pretty easily and then they slow down a lot. c clip tools can damage them easily. or run shielded bearings instead and have complaints?

I do every time I clean my bearings. I find that one of those super small flat head screwdrivers work well, or the edge of a razor blade to lift up one of the outer edges of the seal before taking the whole thing off.

guess depends on the bearing. I don’t think maybe any are intended for it to be done except some skate ones no? don’t see any other

lots are intended removable my mistake. get under seals and shields on the inside or out?

taking them off when cleaning. I use a needle to wiggle the shields off. haven’t experienced any performance loss from that…

ive got so many nice bearings with damaged seals I’ll be having to see how they do open. im guessing the outside lip is better to get off?

I don’t know, it kinda depends on the individual bearing… sometimes outside won’t work smoothly, and since I don’t want to mess it up and force it I’ll try the inside and sometimes that works better or I’ll try the outside again lol.

if it won’t come off don’t force it. another approach is pushing a needle between shield and bearing and popping the opposite shield off by pushing it out with the needle… careful so you don’t push through the shield though. this is the ghetto way of doing it maybe. don’t try this at home, kids.

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