Anyone Tried the Flipsky 4.2 Dual VESC?

it hasn’t arrived yet. I believe one shipped to me a day or two ago, i probably won’t see it for another week.

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Mine came. Dont order their connectors (XT90 & XT 60!

I had dollars missing out of my order to qualify for free shipping and this is what I got:

IMG_20180914_121559 IMG_20180914_121550 These look the same as the counterfeit ones I got from aliexpress… what a bummer!

Flipsky dual PCB looks good though. Components in their place and nice heatsink on bottom IMG_20180914_121541

4mm bullets are ok though… be careful with xt60/xt90

Anyone fired up a Flipsky dual 4.20 yet . If so - with the pcb switch set to ON and no canbus cable - what master/slave settings did you use ie True or False for "Send CAN Status"om both master and slave and True or False for "Multiple VESCs over CAN"for both master and slave.


Slave: send status Master: Multiple over CAN

Make sure to give them unique ID’s.

Or let the wizard in VESC-Tool set it up for you.

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Ok took some more photos and more inspection.

Heatsink is not overly large but the heat pads to the mosfets look nice.


Both Battery and Motor Phase wires use 12Awg silicone cable.

IMG_20180915_150143IMG_20180915_150134 The PPM wire / connector also uses silicone wires, which I think is a nice addition.

On top of that PPM Wire connection on pcb is secured with black type glue. Also works as extra support for caps, I think.

Cant comment much on soldering work. When looking at smaller components, it looks like the machine which did the work, did it correctly and very precise.



What’s your opinion on the dual 4.20 now? Is it holding up well? Seriously thinking of getting one from @thisguyhere if their reliability is good.

Still havent had a chance to try it out. Too sidetracked with other things, unfortunately :frowning:

I think @Riako had a rather mediocre performance out of them…

Then again @visnu777 had it running at 12s and foc, i believe (but on hubs right?)

So in conclusion hard to tell… I think i will have some personal feedback in 2weeks or so, as a local esk8 builder also got one for his diyeboard airless wheel build.

He should test it on 8s, while I will actually test out how it works on 6s


Check this thread:

In Conclusion, myself and a few others have reported lack luster results on 10s and multiple failures on 12s. It’s a bit of a wet blanket but does work. I expect on 8s it would actually be a decent option.

At this point I wouldn’t buy it until Flipsky have added bigger caps and/or figured out the bottleneck.

Plusses: It’s really small, form factor is amazing to fit into an enclosure

Negatives: It doesn’t really perform well when measured against similar 4.12 singles, even the flipsky 4.12 single.

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i would say these dual would work great on a cruiser or smaller board which doesnt have to deliver high performance, the advantage is the size and price.

Sending those motors @J0ker3366 They should be perfect for 8s.

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I’m talking to flipsky about options with my dual 4.20 but that’s the long term plan for me too. I’m going to build a lightweight chuck around board for my car on 8s and this will go in to it. I’ll carry it up hills if needed and mostly be on the flats anyway to get short distances quicker (and more fun) than walking.

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Hey guys why did you order this and not 2x FLIPSKY FSVESC V4 50A and connected them? I’m a total noob but I thought it’s cool to do it like this.

No, I’m using two 4.12 FSESC on hub motors :slight_smile:

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Does anybody know if the flipsky Dual FSESC 4.20 fits in the H2C / SYL-08 Off Road Skateboard battery enclosure instead of the original one?