Anyone tried these hub motors? Hey everyone! I saw these hub motors on and thought they looked appealing. Im just wondering if anyone has tried these hubs? They look great imo and are quite inexpensive so im considering using them for my next build.

If your ok going at low speeds speeds and low torque only, having to replace wheels often, wheels that feel like rocks, and possibly complete failure in a short time, then go for it.

Otherwise, theres far better out there. Yes, more expensive, but when somethings that cheap, you know they are cutting corners everywhere. Not to mention, a hub motor that small will heat up quickly and lose efficiency in the process. I suggest you read my “why small hub motors fail” thread.


I realize these hub motors are not equal quality to products like carvon however not everyone wants to spend 600-700$ on the hub motors alone. The meepo board style hubs that they sell seem to be quite reliable and are not prone to failiure from what ive read. I was just wondering if anyone has used these personally who can give a real review of this product.

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The meepo hubs are the only ones I’ve heard anything good about. I haven’t seen another one that’s any decent.

I understand most don’t want to spend a fortune on hub motors. But it’s like saying I’ll buy a new car that only costs 3k instead of the market bottom of 10k, to save money. In the long run, you lose way money and you put your life at risk… There is a certain motor size needed to be able to move you efficiently and safely. There’s also the question of how the wheels are mounted to the wheel (no core is basically asking for slipping wheels, but so far, no one has a non cracking core either. Cracking core is still better though).

If you really want cheap motors, buy a meepo board. Other wise, the vast majority of the cheap end market is garbage.

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I understand where your coming from however personally I dont think it is a risk running hubs like the meepo hubs as long as you arnt pushing them past there limits. I have a set of “quality” Jacob hubs myself and they have been the most un-reliable things in the world. I have not even ridden on the hubs yet as I am waiting on a deck but I have had to re-epoxy multiply magnets, figure out issues with the phase wires shorting along with bearing issues. Honestly I think its best to accept the fact that many hub motors are not reliable no matter the cost. Im sure in a couple years all the problems with hub motors will be worked out but for now it seems to be risky no matter what you purchase.

He just said that he likes the meepo hubs. These hubs you show us are backfire 2 hubs. They suck. Meepo hubs same price better motor.

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I have a few hubs from Landwheel drives. Not sure what to do with them at the moment as I’m waiting for them to send their next revision. I’ll probaby see what they can do with a 10s pack and FocBoxes. Their ESC and battery were iffy which lead to replacements and redesign. The motors were actually not bad in terms of torque and acceleration while it lasted so maybe I can use them. Maybe you can get one of these drive for cheap as a bunch of us have these failed LW and waiting for revised replacements.

The 90mm hubs diyeboard are the same as meepo. They also sell a dual 1400w drive wheel system. It seems to be the same as one I bought on ebay and is built solid.

Ill look into that thanks for the suggestion

I’m after these as well

I have a couple of FOCBOX on their way but I read there are issues with the wiring, the connectors don’t match.

So trying to be sure it will work before buying. It’s really cheap that kit, you can get 4 kits for the price of a single decent quality belt motor set and trucks with no complications.

For my commuter board it will be enough.

just get a pack of bullet connectors on ebay and solder them on

Yeah will end up building a custom connector to avoid touching the original wires

Just wondering if there are replacement “wheels”, I cannot find them in that or meepo website.

diyeboard do not do replacement wheels… read through their product thread here on you will find the Q&A. Something about the thane being poured onto the hub…