Anyone tried these hubs from michobby

I am about to switch to hubs system, about to pull the trigger on these hubs. Has anyone tried these

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I have not used them but they look identical too the loftyamitions hubs ! pretty nice eboard stuff on that site by the way thx for the tip

They look suspiciously similar to the new enertion hubs

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I had the same thought, it is also 90mm :unamused:

funny thing is jason made a videos about these hubs a while ago on his youtube channel

These are the new hubmotors as advertised by a MayTech personnel.

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They’re both black…and…I don’t see any other similarities with the Enertion hubs. Well, they do both have sensors and are 90mm. However, the urethane on these look thin as hell.

they have the same cap as the ones Jason tested and also the truck mounting looks the same.

How many 90mm hub motors with sensors and same truck mounting do you know? probably not many - probability is quite high that Jason uses these or maybe a slightly upgraded version. And who can blame him - Maytech is a large manufacturer with experience in eskate products (his steez remotes were maytech remotes for example)


Oh haha, I must have missed that picture. You are 100% correct here.

Btw, no need in pointing out the 90mm and sensor part, I have already acknowledged those two things specifically.

I missed the pre-sale on the Raptor 2. You have me convinced, if these perform well…I might just have to buy me a pair of these haha. The next build I want is a dual hub motor build. I will add these to the lost of hubs I am considering.

you questioned the similarity but in the end 90mm plus sensor is already in itself indicating that they are similar. There just aren’t many (=none) around with those features. That is why I repeated it.

they look like maytech/koolwheel/genisis/fill in the blank/enertion/ hubs. I’m sure onloop will deny it and insist his have magical fairy dust that make them better…

Lets tear them all apart and see the truth! Yes Science! :nerd:

well he atleast got precision trucks with fins - that alone is a substantial upgrade even if the actual motors are equal.

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“precision” trucks are just for marketing… and you have just shown that it worked :sob:


tell that to “hardcore” users like @whitepony. He will probably tell you that trucks make a lot of difference (just look at his love for ronins). The average rider like me will not care much (I personally don’t even feel a difference between caliber and cheap noname trucks) - but as long as it does to some people you can’t just sweep it under the rug. If it is better it is better.

Like I said, I just happened to not have ever seen that picture, If I would have seen it, obviously it looks the same lol. I say stop saying similar, it is more like 100% identical.

Fine…99.9% identitcal

That is where it gets tricky - I doubt they will be identical. The cap design has been around a lot longer (already saw them on aliexpress earlier this year) but with Jacob’s experience they will probably come up with slightly upgraded internals. Be it the winding, kv, copper thickness, bigger bearings, whatever. For the average user the differences will feel marginal however and do not justify the higher price (of initially buying a complete raptor).

Edit: Did you answer to my post before I have even posted it? :smiley:

Oh you mean the Cast ronins? the key of these is the stainless pivot rod. these don’t actually fall under precision trucks, but they are compatible with ronin cnc(precision) baseplates.

I’m saying this case they are just for marketing. the cost of a caliber clone is about the same as a noname “precision” truck. Just that the mark up is usually 2/3x more for “Precision” vs standard cast.