Anyone tried this NEW 10s 60a BMS?

Ok…so I was looking for a 10s 60a BMS with build in switch …and I’ve stumbled upon this one, that says “Temperature Switch” What is it ?? Would it allow me to have on/off switch without having anti spark protection ?


Anyone can help me understand what is “Temperature switch” on this bms ?

Looks good ! The max continuous discharge is great : 60A !!

Overheat protection.

i don´t like bms that go over 4,2V - this one starts overvoltage detection at 4,25V.

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@appleton It looks promising to me. It the specs are as stated, it’s a great form factor and price! I think the general concensus in the community is that 60A continuous is enough for most esk8 applications, and the burst rate seems good enough as well. Is the “temperature” switch a built-in on/off switch or a temperature sensor?

The writing instructions are clear than other BMS’s I’ve seen.

I think the version S is the right one as the charge and discharge is the same, so you don´t get problems with regenerative braking…

I ordered one :smiley:

How does it perform, is it good?