Anyone tried to use these rubber offroad wheels?

I just bought these wheels on ebay to try out. It has a core that looks like might be useable.


Its something I have wanted to do for some time now, but those wheels are hard to get in oz. I ended up going with a different set.

Are they a Tang core clone? Are they sealed, solid or?

For $40 for 4 why the hell not try them, ordered :grin: Should work with drive gear from

Maybe @MoeStooge would want to give them a crack? Bit big for you maybe, but smaller than existing (except your project wheels).

Very interested in these wheels

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Pls give update when you have a chance. I might want a set.

These wheels seem perfect for Carvon v4 torque drive. They are on amazon too:

They work quite well with your average flywheel gears after a bit of dremeling, although I can tell you from experience that MBS urethane wheels are the better purchase. I should probably update that build thread…

Cool build bro, there is something to be said to saving things…

On the flip side these current wheels look to have a upgraded cores, what do you think @anorak234?

I’ve tried the new wheels, a kid in my neighbourhood has them. The cores are just a different shape, no difference in feel while riding. It certainly looks easier to bolt this one, on my wheels I had to drill through it as accurately as I could

Shit so you really like smaller 100mm MBS better than these 117mm monsters ?

Mine are coming Sunday :grin:

From my experience and personal use, I think MBS wheels are easier to work with (normal flywheel core) and because they are urethane rather than rubber I think the 16mm difference balances out. Traction on the MBS wheels is also much better, and because of the modified shape they are a more versatile combination. However as always it depends on the needs of the rider. Here’s the quickest comparison that I can think of:

Smooth Roads: MBS > R.O. Rough Roads: MBS > R.O. Grass: MBS > R.O. Dirt: MBS > R.O. Trails: R.O. > MBS Woods: R.O. > MBS

Basically the R.O. wheels are only for more extreme circumstances, all of which I would then default to pneumatic wheels for a more shock-absorbant combination. But if you are on a budget and really love trail and woods then these are the wheels to go for.

dang I wish I had found them on amazon. Faster shipping…

If you have a look at my profile pic you’ll notice my tubby self riding these very same wheels. I bought em back in 1998 from CVS mail order. Honeywheels XT wheels. They came with “skyhooks” which have broken more ankles than Jim Croce has hearts :joy::joy:

$10 bucks a wheel on race day they be disposable… and this will sound crazy… but years ago when I raced slot cars it was all about power and grip. We used to rub our soft rubber with synthetic lube to get even more grip. It was crazy… race org tried to ban it, but who knows what people did to their rubber the night before…

Got em, they are very hard


Whats your plan for pulleys?

Lol…plan…I bought the wheels…that was as far as my thought process went :laughing: