Anyone used 6384 200kv aps motors?

has anyone used 6384 200kv aps motors? are they worth the extra weight over the 74?

I got mine a couple of days ago, ive to put my pack together and build an enclosure still not sure how long it will take and weather is bad, it’s a meaty hunk of metal

rotten weathers right bud,ud want the board waterproof here fuck sake,haha

Definitely interested to hear our thoughts once you try that beast out. I’m running a 6374 which is pretty torquey already!

are you doing a build thread?

Who is selling 6384 motors?

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Sweet, thanks for the heads up!

Got myself two custom made APS 6384 in 170 KV. Bit hard to find pulleys with larger number of teeth and 10 mm bore, for example 18T and 15 mm wide. The shaft length, measured from the motor end face, is approximately 26 mm, just in case somebody is looking for the exact length.


that should be one hell of a torque board,is it for an offroad build?either sounds cool. what ever pulley,flywheel,belt setup you use can you let me know as im gunna get the 200kv one…didnt know that 170kv was an option?how much did they cost each? @anon42702729

Nah, just a dual drive longboard, nothing special. I am building a custom truck with custom motor mounts such that I can swap between Abec 11 97mm and the Evolve AT wheels.

Motor pulley (first trial) will be 16T, Wheel pulley for the Abec11 will be 36T and 66T for the ATs. Don’t remember the exact number but as far as I know it was something like AUD 320 including shipping.

Once everything is working I will change the motor pulley to 18T in order to increase the top speed.


if your able to make an extra i havent bought my trucks or motor mount and that sounds really cool love to be able swap wheels and two 6384 motors would be insane…

I am sorry but this will be a single build. These are semi-precision trucks which will be expensive and difficult to fabricate. Best solution would be to buy Torqueboards trucks and mount the motors in a diagonal arrangement.

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would these not fit on caliber 11s diagonal?

You mean the standard sized Caliber II truck? Could fit in case your motor mount is long enough. Otherwise the rear motor may collide with the kingpin.


Where did you find pulleys for these motors?

Hey man, thanks for the link.

I see those pulleys do not have keyway, arre you just using Loctite to mount them? Those small screws are not going to hold the torque of the 6384s

I’m using on 6355 motor with a flat faced shaft but no keyway. Also loctite. I can’t say how it’ll handle 6384 motor but on these it has no problem. The grub screws seems of good quality. I can tighten down pretty tight.

I got them from ebay and Torque Transmission sent me a couple for free.