Anyone used a skate deck for an eboard?

Im wanting something small and light and come across this… Good with nice length, are they good to use or bad?? Thanks

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@longhairedboy used one ages ago.

You could use it. But it limits your component place and size of the motor. Depending on what you had in mind right…

pictures please or it didn’t happen

Hub motors small battery so size doesn’t matter. I’m just worried about wheel bite as I don’t want to use spacers.

What size of wheels? I’ve got 66’s on an oldschool santa cruze deck and need at least an inch riser.

83mm wheels :-/

Oh it happened. Here’s the Bustin YOFACE I used, 20ish" wheelbase, 39" total deck length. This box formerly held a 10ah 6S pack and a pair of Favourite ESCs.

Use venom double barrels or something similar to eliminate wobble.

Oh and here it is right after I finished the build.

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39’’ isn’t a skate deck anymore :smiley: but i like those double kicks

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This guy on instructables did by pushing his trucks all the way to the edges for an interesting drop look. I may try this with one of my old school decks.


With some bones 59s and a set of indies this deck will do flip tricks all damn day. Provided you’re 6’4" and need a larger trick deck.

omg @RunPlayBack :flushed: I have to build one like this!

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I can testify to having the trucks on the kicks being awesome. Use angled risers to make the truck angle less harsh. Though it may be difficult to do this if you’re thinking of putting that pre-built mellow board clone you bought on the kicks I used orangatang balut wheels which must be 72 mm or around there. I can’t find pictures as this was 2011 or 2012 :frowning:


Yeah that’s why I said I can’t use riser pads haha. I think the skate deck idea will have to go… only if hyper sold the bustin spliff deck by itself, would look good next to my other bustin deck that I will use for my diy.

This is cool! Seems like a mix of a longboard and skateboard. I think I have seen something like that locally :slight_smile:

Best I could find is this from aus, The site is run by a cool guy, I’m sure he’d take care of you.

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one of my very early prototypes…


What did you think of the ride?

it was freakin awesome! so twitchy. it was life in your hands everytime you rode it. maybe i’ll put it together again one day.