Anyone used Original S8 or S10 trucks

Hi, I am a complete newbie here but am really keen to build my first board and have made my own conventional longboard with Original S8 trucks as I love the way you can carve on them. I have searched the forums but can’t find anything and was wondering has anyone used these trucks on a build and does anyone see any problems with using them?

hey, glad you are stocked about this place :slight_smile:

So I have ridden those trucks and yes the carve feel is great. Would maybe even describe it more towards a surfy feel even. Fun for pumping or sily slow speed shenanigans. For you application on esk8 they aren’t that great. They feel super unstable. Even the team riders have plenty of trouble with them.

Also if you go with belt systems you would want a solid mount, possibly with idler pulleys if you go single drive. Most mounts on here fit Caliber trucks. Which is good since calibers are super solid for the money and offer different base plates and are heavily customizable. Other trucks with existing mounts would be paris as a more surfy and snappy alternative or croninns (ronin cast trucks) which are a little bit more expensive with the benefit of more stability and lean.

Let me know what exactly you are planning to do, but keep the original trucks for fun on a gravity skate, don’t us them Don’t your esk8.


Hi, thanks for the quick response and advice.

I am wanting to build a board that does carve well and has a more surfy feel but did wonder whether the Originals would be too unstable on a electric board and you have confirmed that. I do have a set of Paris trucks on a longboard which I like so maybe that it the route to go.

I am only just getting my head round building an electric board and this forum is brilliant have spent ages reading different posts and still have a lot to research before I plan my build. I am not exactly sure what I want to build yet apart from knowing I want a surfy feel to the board but any advice is more than welcome.

Thanks for replying so quickly

I put originals up front, carvon rear on a 52" deck, i like it a lot


What is the distance axle-tip to axle-tip on those? Are they carvier than double-kingpin trucks? What is approx top speed where they start to become unstable?

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Carvier? …on a Esk8? …that sounds like Evolve truck to me. Double bushing is carvier than anything.

Thanks I think that might be the best solution and it is already has a fixing for a motor mount. I have had a look at the UK Evolve website and you can buy the trucks straight from them. Thanks this may be the way forward.

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Glad to hear that. Could you clarify, what are S8 and S10 trucks? Are referring to Evolve’s?

Original trucks are spring loaded trucks used on various longboards and Hamboards. They give a really surfy feel to a board and are very smooth when you carve on them and you can make very tight turns. But as I said I think Evolve trucks are the way forward.

LoL, no I mean how long are the axles, from side to side

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Originals are about 7/8" wider

Just to fill in some info, Original trucks are designed to try to emulate how surfbboards feel. Return to center is present, but very weak. There’s a very small detent at center. Great fun trucks for flatland and not too intense carving, especially on a huge long deck!

Someone mentioned the Gullwing Sidewinder double jointed truck. Another crazy surfy truck is Carver.

Can definitely mix trucks, put the crazy surfy one up front, and a mount friendly one on back.

Carvers and Don’t Trip stuff will have the most turn and carve out of any trucks made…I have a short carver surfskate and I’ve been riding it for a few years, I love it and people don’t really realize what they are capable of, it’s strange the concept hasn’t caught on more, LDP and surf skating is super rad and fun, electrifying it just makes sense, they sit high, don’t want to push, and could always use more speed…right now a short wheelbase surfskate is what’s up for actually getting a lot of leverage and such, but you could increase the wheels base to something near 20 inches and have great performance with a motor…who’s gonna be 1st to do it? I actually have the stuff to try just need more motors, batteries and a vesc…the carver cx trucks is really nice and stable, it would be perfect for a super eskate carver…

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Might be a little less sketch with the front truck on a gbomb bracket.

Oh I forgot about these

Could not agree more love my mini simens c7 board

And I really have truble loving my longboard since I started carving. I know want a comute board, and yes with as much Carver feeling as posible. I have some really steap parts on the way to Office, and what makes it scary is how tight the road is and the amount of Cyclist, living in their own buble. So i would be needing a dual motor setup for saftey, do I need to be able to break.

The local regulations stops me to pass 25 kmh with help of the motor. So acceleration and hillclimbing and breaking is more of importance.

What your thoughts of deck? Size?

The cx truck in front and a rear caliber truck in back? 180 with dual 6354?

Am so eager in Ordering the parts, but am still strugeling with the finfint what setup i want!

Have a great day!

You do not want Original Trucks for a setup you’re investing enough time in to make an Eskate.

If you want to carve, it actually doesn’t matter as much what you run in the rear. So I would just go with a normal tried and true Eskate rear with a bushing upgrade.

For the front you could look into some high quality TKPs, Like Don’t Trip which somebody has mentioned, or any carving specific truck like the C7, Revenge, Sidewinder, all of those are better options than Original.