Anyone used these external motor sensors?

I’ve recently build a Trampa mountainboard with dual 6374 motors. I’m currently running sensorless FOC and after being used to just using sensorless BLDC on my Vanguard build, the startup smoothness is already a fair bit better but I don’t think it’s quite good enough for when I’ve got my feet strapped in and am going on off road tracks so I want to install sensors of some kind on my motors.

Has anyone tried installing external sensors on their motors such as these ones:

This looks like it’d be the simplest approach for adding sensors to my build.

Btw the reason I didn’t just buy sensored motors in the first place is because the built in sensor PCBs that come with motors generally aren’t waterproof and so I wanted to opt for a solution that I could install myself after applying several layers of conformal coating to the sensor PCBs.

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I need a replacement hall sensor for 6374 without overpriced shipping from APS. Anyone have a solution for that?

I have been using those same sensors on my 5065 for some time now. They work great with my vescs. They also share the 3d print design for a mount wich is nice. They’d didn’t respond to any of my emails with questions however:sob:

I did also design a printed cover as the sensors ends up too exposed

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Good to hear :slight_smile: Do you have any photos of them setup with your covers?

You can kind of see it in this photo The cover is on the bottom motor. The top motor doesn’t have the cover as you can see it on the print bed behind:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Look up Nowind and his vesc 6.4 v leopard topic, he adds a cage around his motors about 1/3 through and a AS… encoder chip. It is next level compared to epoxy magnets :exploding_head:

Not gonna lie, I’ve been really tempted to ask him about ordering a pair. I really should stop spending so much money on this hobby at some point though… :stuck_out_tongue: Need to look more into the different sensor that he uses in them

I just bought one from him, it is being packed tonight. Hit JensoBro up if you want one I know he made a few, I know only one or two others who have ordered so you might get lucky if you get in fast!

Haha damn you’re not helping :sweat_smile: