Anyone used this website for batteries?

Hello all,

I am looking to use LiFePo4 batteries for my next build as I had a lipo fire that took out my last one. I have had a hard time finding viable sources for these batteries. This one seems quite professional and was not all in Chinese when I clicked on it so it looks pretty good to me. Has anyone had any experience with these guys?

I plan to use 36 of these to create a 13s 24ah pack. Thoughts?

Thanks, Thomas

Why not just get regular Samsung 30q cells? They are very affordable, you can get them in USA in 3 days, they have proven to be amazing, you won’t have to worry about legitimacy and you can get a wide variety of BMSs in the market.

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I have seen them on a build once, cant remember where. Reasons why people are not using them regularly is because they are fucking huge, heavy and have worse energy density than regular li-ion cells. They are also more expensive.

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@Eboosted The safety of LiFePo4 over li-ion @FredrikHems I’m not super concerned about weight or size as they are going on a eMTB.

They also have 2x the life over Li-ion

Just so everyone knows… Regarding lifetime and charge/discharge cycles if you complety charge and discharge a li-ion pack everyday you’d still get almost 2 years out if it.


You can double the charge cycles of your regular Li-Ion battery by charging them until 4.1V instead of 4.2V.

This is nothing to do with lifecycle and everything to do with safety. My last board ended up like this so I need to prevent that with this next one. image

Thats not because of the chemistry Its because bad spot welding, the same will happen to the fe cells if they arent done properly

I now understand your concern, lifepo4 are much safer, and have a really high tolerance almost impossible to reach thermal runway, they will vent though

It was a lipo pack no Li-ion

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