Anyone using polyester resin pigments?

I just got a new vacuum pump and I want to do something with it… My current enclosure is not the best so Id like to make a new one

Paint is scratchable but if you paint the resin with the pigment it shouldnt look lile shit when you scratch it right?

Put the pigments into the resin and the gelcoat. Mix up to 8% pigment. But less will ok.

Something with fluorescent pigment could also look quite fancy.

Im an all black everything guy so flourescent stuff is a no go

Can you link me to something please? Theres the 20$ for oz theres a 5$ for oz theres liquids and powders I assume they all work the same?

These are what I use. It’s like a paste.

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Theres no black…damn thanks!

I’m sure you’ve already found it. But… If you have a little search about on the site there’s a few other colour charts to choose from. Jet black from this one perhaps. This is uk based. I’m sure you could find the same thing in :croatia:?

I hardly think so… Maybe

Does it need to be a paste-like colour? I see a lot of these colour powders on ebay and was wondering if functions the same?

I think it does not matter, a colour is a colour

The paste mixes in really well and gives a solid colour. I’ve only ever used cement pigment powder in resins when trying to add some colour when I’ve done some colouring of sculptures. It didn’t mix in so well a patchy and not solid colour. Boat builders use the paste for the opacity it gives. @Acido if it’s cheap enough and you give the powder a go, let us know how you get on and show us some photos.

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Im currently struggling to make my board look nice enough to sell it, i need new sprockets, wheels chain and a motor… So it may take some time

Thanks for the answer. I think i’ll go with the paste since i want it to be evenly spread colour and not anything less.

Graphite powder works good for black . You can also ask for sample cups of tint at the paint store.

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is that like coal but put in a blender?

graphite is conductive, so i guess its not the best idea to use it for enclosures

Just throw a whole pencil in your new ninja blender on high. Use this in your final coat to save on pencil cost

why not use the coal for grilling :smiley: 2.5kg for 3$

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Im actually going to try this out tomorrow! and post some pics

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