Anyone using streetwing motors?

anyone used the street wing 190kv 6374 motor? what they like?

It is just a rebrand of a commonly used motor…the motor itself should be ok, but this is the frist time I have seen this website…IDK if I would give them my money…Anyway you can get similar motor from many other vendors…

who in Europe would you reccomed and what motor is it a rebrand off? @aigenic

Streetwing seems like a pretty good site. The owner/s? are part of the uk-esk8 Facebook group.

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I’ve only heard good things about Streetwing. Not bought anything yet but I’m about to…

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I believe @DavidBanner is the owner!


think the same

Ok, there you go :slight_smile: some nice reviews :smiley: You can also consider alien power systems :slight_smile:

what motor is it a rebrand of? also aps use 10mm shaft which make em more difficult to use

I’m using dual 6355 190kV sensored motors on my build for about a month now. Solid quality, nice performance and really like the stealth look - no stickers & stuff.

David is very helpful, communication is top notch and he ships asap. Thumbs up!


I noticed that most of the alien power systems 6374 motors say that they are only capable of 10s but most other brands are 12s. Don’t know if this is correct or not but that’s what the website says

Yes Street Wing is my baby

@bigben @darkkevind @crossfire thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:


does the 190kv 6374 motor have a flatspot on the shaft and are they sensored … nice one for the reply @DavidBanner like to buy from an eskbuilder forum member…hopefully ill get try it out on my board and business is goin good for ya

my pleasure @stormboard1 :slight_smile:

business I going great thanks, have some really cool stuff coming soon which I am super excited about but that is a story for another day…

all the motors I sell are sensored, they have a keyway rather than flat spot - but you can easily dremmel a flat spot onto the shaft if you wish.

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