Anyone wanna do a group ride in cincinnati ohio?

kind of wanna try out some other peoples boards if anyone else feels the same let me know


Cincinnati in the house! Someone on reddit started a cinci group but it’s not DIY. It looks like some boosteds and a riptide. How old are you and where are you out of?


Rapey mcraperson in the house


Says the grown man with a child’s toy for a profile pic.

Oh wait… oops

Some people like drinking beers with new friends and some prefer serving alcohol to minors. I’m the former.


I live in wichita. Give me 2 weeks and ill be there. Im gonna ride my board there


I dont know if this matters to you guys but im a minor

Still cool you’re riding, much less inclined to let you try my board though unfortunately. Can’t let a minor get hurt going 30+ on my build.


Sure you can, just make sure u have a place to hide the body.


i wear motorcycle helmet and go between 25 32

i have belt drive a hub motor buy the way what counts as diy?

if we actually wanted to do a group ride we’d need to pick location and place

You have 2 boards? What do you ride? Some pics would help. I ride Armco Park every day I can, you’re welcome to come join sometime.

ordered prebuilt image and im getting image both came with all nessacary parts unnessembled on special request but i messed with em a bit personalized them

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i asked specifically for unassembled boards and im thinking about getting new esc or trying to re program

@dareno did that with his mepoo right?

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im not sure havent been here long but i want to change out vesc the hobbywing vesc is great on the ownboard its the other vesc i hate

Sure did. One of them. Got focboxes in one and I’ve just put the hobbywing upgraded one in the beer meepo. @thebeardedboy the hobbywing/dual esc in these things is completely factory set. You can not change a thing on it. Vesc derivative however you have full configuration control via vesc tool.

@venom121212 i was thinking about belt drive but i decided on hub motors because of less maintenance im probably gonna try that park out this summer when my first board is done i was thinking about buying two but one nice one would be alot better

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Buy nice or buy twice certainly applies