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Anyone willing to take commission on making me a remote?

I’ve gone through and seen a lot of remotes, some look very good but just not 100% right for me. I have around a $150 budget and I’m willing to pay via PayPal.

Going into details, I’d like something like a gun trigger and wheel sort of remote much like Boosted, I’ve seen a few but they don’t look the best quality. I’ll be using the Enertion VESC in my build.

Basically, a 3D printed design or whatever works best would be cool. I’m not sure if $150 is enough to cover everything but I’m sure I can save up more to suit your needs.

@mccloed is your man! He can make your remote

Build yourself a GT2B mad munkey mod

@FLATLINEcustoms sells the 3d Printed parts, and it really is not rocket science to put it all together.

You got any links showing me his work?

I just purchased a remote from Seller was extremely responsive and received the remote in three days from ordering! Will be hooking it up to my board tonight but so far build quality looks good and it is rechargeable!. Will update once I give it a go.

That’s blue-tooth… Friends don’t let friends ride with blue-tooth… Unless you want them to street their face.


But so is the boosted board remote. And it appears he is looking for a boosted style remote =)

I also ordered a similar one from Aliexpress. Will give a review when I get it.

I gave you his addy so you could do the work that I don’t need to do…I have remotes that I like. Contact him

By style I mostly mean the way it looks and feels in the hand, and how the certain buttons do certain things. I’m not specially looking for Bluetooth buy I’m not closed off to the idea. Anything would be fine so long as it works as intended and works well and smoothly most importantly.

Thanks :smile: I just messaged him hopefully he gets back soon!

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