Anyone with Experience with Floureon LiPo?

In looking at all the batteries that people used for their builds, I saw that people used Floureon Lipos (example here) in their builds but I haven’t really seen anything more on them in this forum or on Endless Sphere.

I basically had a couple of questions to be directed at anyone with experience with them:

  • Are their discharge rates legit or are they overstated?
  • Since there is, naturally, quality control issues when buying from eBay, how have they held up under use?

I’m interested in these packs since they have a large capacity and a high C rating.

inb4 “just buy Zippy Compacts”

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I’ve not tried, but some of the threads i’ve seen also had unbalanced cells brand new… it can happen to any lipo you get from HK too, but i’ve had better luck w/ the zippy/turnigy lipos.

I’ve used them before. They work really well with a BMS

Which Pack/BMS did you use, if you can remember?

Pretty sure that I’m wrong, but for the one that I linked, the BMS would have to handle 320 amps (8Ah * 40C discharge rate).

They suck. Most of the time they show up puffy

Pretty solid IMO. I ordered a couple of 6s Floureons off of eBay for my first build, however one of them contained a dead cell. The vendor sent me a replacement pack (no questions asked) and they’ve been holding up quite well so far…

That being said, I treat them with kid gloves and don’t discharge them below 3.7v.

Ive used the 6s 8AH (2 of them) and the 6s 10ah (2 of them)